Tohzan Bowl shallow - Kohiki White - KOKO utsuwa
Tohzan Bowl shallow - Kohiki White - KOKO utsuwa
Tohzan Bowl shallow - Kohiki White - KOKO utsuwa

Tohzan Bowl shallow - Kohiki White

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The edge of the bowl faces inward, making it easy to scoop.

For a wide range of uses, such as cereal, soup, salad and noodles. The cute ear design also functions as a spoon rest.

Tohzan Gama, a small pottery studio located in the mountainous area of Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, the production center of Mino Ceramic ware.

They produce mainly Kohiki which refers to an iron-rich clay body covered over with white slip and then a translucent glaze.

Shinogi, a decorative technique whereby ridgelines are carved on the surface. The patterns on the surface are carefully scraped off by hand one by one. 

The contrast between the red clay and white slip can be glimpsed from the ridges of Shinogi on Kohiki and it creates a beautiful continuous pattern.

Kannyu, refers to the fine lines that appear like cracks on the surface. In kohiki, the penetration is like a pattern. The more you use it, the more the color of food and drink will penetrate the crazing. It will gradually become colored and patterned, and you will become attached to it. 

height 2.2 inches (5.5cm)/upper diameter 5.4 inches (13.8cm)/width 5.9 inches(15.0cm) inc handle/weight 10.2 oz(290g)

<Product Care>

*Soak the pottery in warm or cold water to moisten it before each use to prevent coffee and tea stains.

*If the pottery is soaked in water, brown spots may appear, or the dark color of the surface may be noticeable until it is dry. This is a characteristic of pottery and there is no necessary to worry about the use.

*Since pottery absorbs water, leaving it soaked in water after use can cause mold, stains, and odors. After use, wash off the stain as soon as possible with kitchen detergent, rinse well, and dry well to ensure long-lasting use.

*There is no problem using the microwave oven if you are only warming up food and drink. Please do not use the product over an open flame or in an oven, as this may cause the pottery to explode.